Pre-school the ‘root’ of education, says Resident

ONE FOR THE ALBUM: Razali (seated centre) with Ted who is seated to his left, posing for a group photograph with the lady pre-school teachers.

BINTULU: Pre-school is the ‘root’ of education that is of paramount importance to prepare children for formal education, said Bintulu Resident Dr Razali Abon.

Hence, he urged pre-school teachers here to equip themselves with as much knowledge as possible in order to give the best education to their students.

“Without the basic education in pre-school, it might be hard for the children to adapt to a new environment once they entered a formal school,” said Razali when officiating at the ‘Majlis Suai Kenal Jawatankuasa Penyelaras Tabika Perpaduan Bintulu 2009’ held at Li Hua Hotel yesterday.

In this sophisticated era of technology, pre-school teachers should be able to apply the various techniques and approaches to teaching to ensure the children are able to absorb knowledge and practise what have been taught to them, said Razali.

He believes that the prerequisited of a pre-school teacher are enthusiasm, self-esteem and great passion towards little children.

It is also the teacher’s responsibility to offer guidance and assistance to the little ones wherever and whenever possible and help them learn to be independent.

Therefore, said Razali, good and effective approaches to learning should be utilised to enable the children achieve greater success in both their academic and co-curriculum, as expected by everyone.

To date, Tabika Perpaduan Bintulu has four branches here namely Tabika RPR Sebiew, Assyakirin, Sungai Plan and RPR Kidurong wit a total of 399 pupils.

Also present at the function was an assistant officer from the national unity and integration department, Thompson Ted.


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