Start small, Talib tells Bumi entrepreneurs

BINTULU: It is not advisable to start a big business without the necessary experience and expertise, as at the end of the day you could encounter difficulty and suffer a big loss.
This advice to Bumiputera entrepreneurs came from Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) chairman Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

Talib said they should not jump into big business without considering their ability first. Big scale business requires knowledge and experience to ensure smooth operation and to better face the challenges ahead.

He said this when officiating at a prize-giving ceremony and a presentation of certificate at Rukun Tetangga (community centres) Skim Pembesaran Kampung Jepak Phase 1 at Medan Niaga Jepak yesterday.

He suggested that local entrepreneurs start small while arming themselves with knowledge through courses specially tailored for them.

“The government has introduced many schemes to assist local entrepreneurs such as training and finance assistance.

“It depends on local entrepreneurs whether to grab the opportunity or not,” Talib said.

Nowadays many fields of businesses can reap a handsome profit as in the food industry when there’s demand for a product.

The food industry is a big sector and local entrepreneurs have wide choices in foods such as ‘ti’ong’ which Bintulu is famous for. This traditional food has good potential to be commercialised and expanded.

Talib assured that SEDC would assist in whatever way possible like giving out loans to entrepreneurs who can come up with a product that is proven competitive in the market.

Also present at the function were SEDC director (entrepreneur development) Jamaluddin Mohd Yusof and Rukun Tetangga (community centres) Skim Pembesaran Kampung Jepak Phase 1 chairman Samsuri Narawi.


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