Be receptive to changes: Dr Rundi

BINTULU: The people particularly the rural community should be receptive to changes while adapting to the latest technology in order to remain competitive and knowledgeable.

Kemena assemblyman Dr Stephen Rundi said the government is always looking for ways to create smart communities irrespective of whether they are in the urban or rural areas.

He was speaking at the Smart Info Programme organised by the Smart Community Committee of Sebauh Town at Rumah Egar, Jalan Sebauh near here recently.

He stressed that the effort was not confined to merely changing their working style but everything, including their daily approach and life-style.

However, this did not mean they had to forget their roots, traditions and cultures, said Rundi.

Towards this end, it was important for the Tuai Rumah or community leaders in their respective areas to have more interaction with the people to disseminate information and get feedbacks on the latest development.

He believed that by doing so, the Smart communities set up at the various longhouses and kampungs throughout the state and country would be more effective in meeting their objectives.

At the function, Rundi also handed over certificates of appointment to the community leaders.

Also present at the function was Bintulu Development Authority deputy chairman Dato Sri Celestine Ujang.

Ujang who also spoke called on the Dayak community leader to go along with the government and be more active.

He said with the technology available now, information could be obtained mush easier, thus they should take that opportunity to master all the skills needed to improve their knowledge.


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