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More educational opportunities now: Talib

BINTULU: Jepak assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip said today’s generation are fortunate in terms of educational opportunities unlike during his time. 

Various kind of scholarships for bright students are now offered with many big local companies eager to sponsor outstanding students to pursue higher studies, Talib said when officiating at the Petronas Malaysia Liquefied Gas (MLNG) Minor Scholarship Award presentation ceremony at ParkCity Everly Hotel.

“During my time, we were only given scholarships of RM10 per month but now students are given RM1,200 (per year by MLNG),” Talib said. 

It is also easier nowadays to get scholarship as long as students are outstanding in academic performance whereas previously thousands of students faced stiff competition in trying to get scholarships which were fewer in number. 

And there was little job opportunity during his time, especially in Bintulu, compared to the abundant job opportunities available now. 

The Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is one of the biggest gold mines to provide jobs for future generations, Talib said, citing the example of an aluminium smelter plant to operate in Samalaju that will need thousands of engineers. 

He advised students to choose marketable courses such as for engineers and technical workers, which would be in demand once the plant is fully operational. 

“Science and engineering are among popular courses for tomorrow’s job market,” he said, adding that quality human force is critical for the country’s stability and prosperity.


State needs high quality manpower, says Resident

 BINTULU: Effective teaching and learning process will produce well-balanced and quality manpower for the state as well as for the country. 

It is a fundamental aspect towards the success of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) which requires a high quality human resources, Bintulu Resident Ismail Mohd Hanis said. 

He said education played an important role towards a continuous transformation of Sarawak, and according to him to ensure it continued, it was critical to have human capital development. 

He said with this sense of responsibility, the focus and commitment of the local educational institutions should be to provide the best education and development of knowledge skills. 

“That is why the government has doubled its effort in improving, strengthening and providing a high standard education platform in the country through various assistance,” Ismail said in his speech at the sixth graduation ceremony of Sedamai College at ParkCity Everly Hotel here. 

He reminded the graduates that today’s working world had extremely changed and unlike before it was now more challenging.

Thus, he urged the graduates to prepare themselves with multi-skills and adapt to changes in workplace. 

He said it was also a challenge for educational institutions like Sedamai College in providing quality courses and effective teaching in order to produce marketable graduates. 

Ismail pointed out that in a working world today, companies that hire new employees would like to get the best workforce from the best group of graduates. 

“Thus, it is important for the graduates to practise lifelong learning and always be prepared,” he added. 

Bintulu Development Authority general manager Datu Mohidin Ishak who also spoke told the graduates not just become bystanders of development. 

He said they must participate and contribute to the development and that was why the mentality of young people had to be changed. 

Mohidin said to change the mentality, the answer was through educational development and the government realised that without new mentality any of their physical development would not produce maximum result. 

In other word, he said physical and mental development must go along. 

He said BDA as a local authority in charge here is looking forward to have even greater cooperation and continuous support from the local higher learning institutions like Sedamai College to produce quality workforces for the state. 

Meanwhile, college chairman Billy Wong advised the graduates not to be choosy when looking for jobs, adding that they must possess the right attitude and make lifelong learning their principle. 

A total of 29 graduates of various fields of study – diploma in business management, diploma in information technology, diploma in administration (LCCI, UK) and diploma in accounting (LCCI, UK) received their scrolls during the ceremony. 

Meanwhile, four students of diploma in business management – Connie Chiong, Ivy Song, Pui Tsing Ye and Tang Ming Ming and one student of diploma in information technology Bong Kuan Hwa were awarded with a Dean’s Award for their achievement of a semester GPA of at least 3.5 points. 

Chiong was also awarded with the Best Student Award for 2009. 

Abdul Muin Abdul Kassin, the representative of Bintulu education officer and members of board of director of Sedamai College (Bintulu) were also present.

Know your rights, help country: Consumers body

BINTULU: Consumers who know their rights are not only protecting themselves from being cheated but they are also helping the government to accelerate the country’s economic growth. 

Recognising the crucial role that the consumers play in the country’s economic recovery from the recent recession, State Consumers Movement (SCM) divisional chairman Ismail Mohd Hanis said it was important for consumers to be knowledgeable. 

In line with this, he said the government had formed the State Consumers Movement (SCM) to replace the Consumer Affair’s Council to strengthen consumerism. 

Ismail, who is the Bintulu Resident, pointed out that SCM’s members comprised consumerism related government departments, local entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations. 

He said they were the best combination to discuss issues about the economy and consumerism. He said this in his speech at the ‘Majlis Mesra Pengguna and Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri’ at Wisma Persekutuan. 

“It is my hope as well as the rest of SCM members here, that the local community will make use of this body as a platform to share problems and find the best solutions,” he said. 

He said SCM would implement various plans and activities to complement the efforts of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC). 

“Our focus will be on consumer education because this aspect is seen t be the most effective in the long term,” he said, adding that SCM together with MDTCC and the Information Department have organised various activities for the people in Bintulu.

Among the consumerism activities held here this tear were the celebration of Consumer’s Day, Buy Malaysian Products Expo, seminars, quiz and a smart community consumerism programme which was held in collaboration with the Information Department. 

“Therefore in line with this year’s Consumer’s Dat theme ‘Consumer’s Power One Consumer, One Voice’, I urge the community in Bintulu in particular to grab the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about consumerism. 

“Knowledge or education is the most powerful tool in creating a community that is well-informed and intelligent about consumerism. They know their privileges and how to utilise it,” said Ismail. 

Also present at the function were Deputy Resident (Social Section) Ismawi Salleh and MDTCC Bintulu branch acting choef Muhammad Daud Ali.