Don’t act like opposition politicians: Talib

BINTULU: Community leaders must not behave like opposition politicians who only make noise, but contribute nothing to the people. 

Jepak assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip said as leaders at the grassroots level, they must take their responsibilities and duties seriously. 

He said community leaders were responsible for promoting government policies to the grassroots community, and should they face any problem or issue, they could use their position to meet the related government agencies for problem-solving. 

“This is the main task of all community leaders – to inform the departments concerned about the people’s problems so that action can be taken immediately,” he said during the presentation of minor rural project (MRP) grants at the Resident’s Office here. 

Representatives of 17 non-governmental organisations and community leaders from here and Tatau received the grants totalling RM95,000. 

Talib reiterated that the presentation of MRP grants was one of the programmes of the government to ease the people’s burden and it reflected the government was concerned about the people’s welfare. 

He said the government wanted to bring progress and development to everyone, adding that the people should not be influenced by the opposition who only knew how to talk. 

“The government has proven its capability in bringing development to the masses unlike the opposition which is yet to prove any achievement,” he added. 


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