Businessman irked by behaviour of enforcers

BINTULU: The owner of a music centre on the first floor of City Point here yesterday complained to the people’s service centre of Sarawak progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) about several enforcement officers of the Home Affairs Ministry who allegedly inspected his business premises on Dec 8 without following proper procedures.

The 45-year-old business-man surnamed Tang said the six enforcers searched the premises and took out documents without his permission.

He said he was not opposed to the inspection to combat piracy of intellectual properties.

“It was the way they did the inspection that I objected to. They rummaged through the documents, including those in the teller machine. It was not appropriate,” he said.

“I was not present during the inspection, which was around 7.40pm, because I was on the way to Miri. Only my two employees were on the premises.

“What I am not happy about is they simply turned the premises upside down. They messed up all of our business documents and went through them without my consent. Even our trade licence has not been returned,” Tang told reporters when referring to a CCTV recording of one of the enforcers going through documents from a teller machine.

Tang said he made a report around 5pm on Dec 9 at the local police’s one-stop centre.

Two of his employees were taken to the one-stop centre together with some merchandise for the purpose of counting, but the enforcers did not leave any contact number or say who he could get in touch with to find out the status of the case.

Without referring to or accusing anybody, Tang said the following day, his wife went to the premises to check on its condition.

She was surprised upon detecting that US$2,500  were gone.

The money was at the bottom of an invoice file near the teller machine.


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