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PAS delegation organises working visit to Sarawak

VISITING MEMBERS: Nasrudin (second left), Paul (third left) and Ung (left) at the joint press conference.

BINTULU: Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) led by its central youth chief Nasrudin Hasan and eight other PAS exco members from Peninsular Malaysia had a two-day working visit to the state last Saturday.

In a joint press conference with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Democratic Action Party (DAP) youth members here Nasrudin said their main objective was to visit members of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the state for closer working relationship.

“In our meeting earlier we have come to an agreement that we (PR) will work closely together to get Sarawakians to push the BN away,” said Nasrudin.

“We will work extra hard towards this end and we are confident the people now want some changes and we are willing to bring the changes.

“We will give greater attention to the people’s needs and fight for their interests,” he added.

He thus urged the people in the state who wanted a better government to rally behind PR in the coming state election.

He said Sarawak and Sabah were vital for PR to effectively bring down the BN government because the BN’s majority win in the 12th general election were through the two states.

Asked about the seats to be contested by PAS in Bintulu in particular, he said it was up to the leadership in the state PR.

Meanwhile, PKR Bintulu chairman Paul Raja said they were ready for greater cooperation with other member PR parties especially in facing the coming state election.

“We PKR youth members welcome the delegates from PAS to boost their membership here. We offer our cooperation in PR. Even though the official formation of PR in the state has yet to be form there is no obstacle for our partnership.

“We are ready to achieve our mutual goal and as said by Nasarudin earlier indeed Sarawak is an important agenda for PR,” said Paul.

DAP Bintulu branch secretary Lee Chee Kwong also pledged their “full commitment and support” to cooperation among PAS, PKR and DAP.

“We are confident the people in the state are ready for greater change. The people I think are waiting for the announcement of PR formation. They are ready for PR thus I hope the formation of PR can be speeded up,” said Lee.

Also present at the press conference were PAS youth secretary Kamaruzaman Mohamad, Bintulu PAS secretary Mohd Syarizal Maksir and DAP Bintulu branch publicity secretary Tonny Ung.


Nisa’ Bintulu holds team-building programme

BINTULU: Some 50 members of Nisa’ Bintulu took part in the Untukmu Wanita Nisa’ team-building programme held at Jepak community hall here yesterday.

Nisa’ Bintulu chairperson cum programme director Hafsah Mardhiah Mohd Bekeri said Nisa’ is a non-governmental organisation for strengthening the Islamic teaching and activities especially among Muslim women.

“Although it is a women’s organisation and we are focusing more on Islamic teaching, Nisa’ through its various programmes plays an important role in providing welfare assistance to the local community,” Hafsah said when met before the programme kicked off.

Nisa’ organised many activities for members who were mostly volunteers In collaboration with the Bintulu unit of Yayasan Amal Malaysia Sarawak branch.

Hafsah said they have initiated various activities this year namely visited the women’s ward at Bintulu Hospital, Nisa’ teambuilding in Jepak village, prayers workshop in Sebauh and Jepak village, community service programme in Jepak village and others.

She said although Nisa’ was only formed in Bintulu in 2008 with few members, they have already organised many community activities for members.

“In every programme we organised, there was good response from the public, especially activities involving the people’s welfare,” Hafsah said.

According to her, the programme yesterday was not only for members but also for the community in Jepak village.

This she said was to promote Nisa’ to the people so they understand its role and what they could offer to the community apart from fostering relationship among Nisa’ members and the public.

Yayasan Amal Malaysia Sarawak branch of Bintulu unit chief Mohd Sardi Ismail said many programmes have been outlined for the future.

Asked if the programmes involve participation from the Youth and Sports office here, he said they are considering a collaborative project.

“We actually had some unofficial discussion with one of its officers recently about what they can assist in our programmes and we will collaborate with the Youth and Sports office after looking into the matter,” said Sardi.

He agreed that their involvement in the activities could bring more Muslim youths into the meaningful programme.

Bintulu Nisa’ advisor Hasanah Sharifuddin officiated at the opening of the programme yesterday.

Improve service quality – Director

BINTULU: Fishermen’s associations in the state are urged to improve the quality of their service to members and to the community.

State director of Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) Razaili Ghapor making the call yesterday said apart from increasing their productivity, the associations were also responsible for ensuring the welfare of members was given priority.

“The associations hope to assist local fishermen and see to their interests,” he said.

He announced that the level of success and performance of the fishermen’s associations in Sarawak were high.

“We achieved about RM225 million worth of trade last year. The increase was huge compared to the previous year.

“In Bintulu alone, for year 2009 the fishermen community generated about RM20 million worth of income and this was a really fruitful industry,” Razaili said during the 30th Bintulu Area Fishermen’s Association (PNKB) annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

He said Bintulu ranked third as the most profitable fishing industry in the state with RM2.7 million worth of assets.

He called on members of fishermen’s associations in the state to give their continuous support and cooperation to their associations.

According to him, with collective support by the members, an association would be able to generate even greater income in tandem with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia concept and for a new economic model with a high income community.

Speaking on behalf of Malaysian Fishermen’s registrar chief Datuk Mustafa Ahmad, he urged the associations to outline big strategies and agendas for the future to ensure the fishermen’s community earn high incomes and were not left behind by development.

He congratulated the fishermen’s community in Bintulu for contributing to the country’s economy, adding that Bintulu was a strategic location.

LKIM, he said would continue supporting the national fishing industry in various ways particularly on financial assistance like subsidies.

For fuel subsidy, the government had allocated some 20 million litres per year which is about RM240 million a year.

This shows the government’s commitment to assist the fishermen’s community in the country, he said.

Razaili advised fishermen who encountered problems, especially in getting the subsidised items, to get the solution from LKIM offices in their areas.