Improve service quality – Director

BINTULU: Fishermen’s associations in the state are urged to improve the quality of their service to members and to the community.

State director of Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) Razaili Ghapor making the call yesterday said apart from increasing their productivity, the associations were also responsible for ensuring the welfare of members was given priority.

“The associations hope to assist local fishermen and see to their interests,” he said.

He announced that the level of success and performance of the fishermen’s associations in Sarawak were high.

“We achieved about RM225 million worth of trade last year. The increase was huge compared to the previous year.

“In Bintulu alone, for year 2009 the fishermen community generated about RM20 million worth of income and this was a really fruitful industry,” Razaili said during the 30th Bintulu Area Fishermen’s Association (PNKB) annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

He said Bintulu ranked third as the most profitable fishing industry in the state with RM2.7 million worth of assets.

He called on members of fishermen’s associations in the state to give their continuous support and cooperation to their associations.

According to him, with collective support by the members, an association would be able to generate even greater income in tandem with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia concept and for a new economic model with a high income community.

Speaking on behalf of Malaysian Fishermen’s registrar chief Datuk Mustafa Ahmad, he urged the associations to outline big strategies and agendas for the future to ensure the fishermen’s community earn high incomes and were not left behind by development.

He congratulated the fishermen’s community in Bintulu for contributing to the country’s economy, adding that Bintulu was a strategic location.

LKIM, he said would continue supporting the national fishing industry in various ways particularly on financial assistance like subsidies.

For fuel subsidy, the government had allocated some 20 million litres per year which is about RM240 million a year.

This shows the government’s commitment to assist the fishermen’s community in the country, he said.

Razaili advised fishermen who encountered problems, especially in getting the subsidised items, to get the solution from LKIM offices in their areas.


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