Resident in step with dance festival


Overall champion - SMK Assyakirin

BINTULU Resident Ismail Mohd Hanis has praised the Bintulu office (cultural section) of the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry for continuing to organise dance festivals for primary and seconddary schools in the division.

He said such events were very important in  promoting healthy life-styles, especially among the youths.

“Besides being a part of our culture, dancing is an art to be preserved and strengthened from time to time. Creativity and innovation can be fostered through this activity which is good for the young generation,” Ismail said recently at the opening of the Dance Festival for Primary and Secondary Schools in Bintulu Division.

He said since becoming Bintulu Resident last year, this was the first time he had witnessed ‘such a wonderful and amazing event’.

He was especially impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the young participants.

“I was really glad to have been part of this event. In terms of standard, it seemed like I was attending a state-level competition,” he added.

Ismail hoped the ministry would continue organising the event to further  improve standards and attract more youths.

He also hoped the community, especially parents, would encourage their children to take up a healthy activity such as dancing.

“The doors of the Resident’s Office are always open should you need any help from us,” said Ismail who was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming public response to the festival at the civic centre.

Nine primary and seven secondary schools in the division took part.

Among those present were the Social Development and Urbanis-ation Ministry (Bintulu office) officer in-charge Jacqualine Richard Lee, principals, headmasters, headmistresses and community leaders.

The competition was divided into two categories — primary and se-condary schools. There was also one individual contemporary dance competition for senior dancers from Sri Budaya Bintulu troupe.

According to its choreographer and programme coordinator, Tuah Jili, this side contest was to give his senior dancers the opportunity to come up with their own ideas, creativity and innovation to make their dances more attractive.

He said this year, there was one clear change whereby the jury would give their comments after the participants had completed their routines.

This approach provided the participants with immediate feedback, enabling them to know  their strengths and weaknesses on the spot, he added.

“This is important for them to become better dancers,” Tuah said. Ismail and Jacqualine gave away the prizes.


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