Ministry cracks down on fakes

SEEKING OUT THE FAKES: Mohamad (centre) flanked by Roszaini (left) and Idrus during the press conference.

BINTULU: Adidas has earned a reputation as a producer of one of the best athletic apparel in the world.

Manufacturers try to mimic Adidas’ style but cannot touch the quality of its authentic products.

Yet fake Adidas gear like shoes and clothes are easily obtained in every corner of the country.

The Ministry of Domestic
Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) Bintulu branch with assistance from the MDTCC Miri enforcement officers and two Adidas representatives from Kuala Lumpur cracked down on fakes during a raid of business premises in Bintulu town yesterday.

During the inspection of two separate locations involving four premises, they found several fake Adidas gear like shoes and clothes.

MDTCC Bintulu branch enforcement chief Mohamad Drahman when met during a
press conference said fake
Adidas gear worth RM9,937.30 were seized by two teams of 15 enforcement officers led by MDTCC Miri assistant enforcement officer Roszaini Roskan and MDTCC Bintulu assistant enforcement officer Idrus Nalin.

“The inspection was made following claims by Adidas based in Kuala Lumpur that the fake Adidas gears were being sold in several premises in Bintulu.

“We are very concerned about complaints from owners of the products – every complaint will be followed with investigation and inspection and action would be taken against the infringers,” said Mohamad.

The offence he said would be investigated under Section 3(1) (b) of the Trade Descriptions Act 1972.

A first time offender could be fined up to RM100,000 or three years’ imprisonment while a second time offender will be fined double, which is RM200,000 or six years in prison.

Companies can be fined up to RM250,000 for first time offenders.

“I urge consumers to avoid buying fake items – not only Adidas but other brands as well. Traders are also warned not to sell fake goods because strict action will be taken against the infringers,” he said.

Bintulu has recorded five cases last year compared to only one this year. MDTCC welcomes product owners to lodge a complaint to protect their intellectual property right.


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