Turn ‘Gudi’ into a giant spectacle, Bintulu folk told

I DARE YOU: Dr Rundi preparing his kite to face veteran kite fighter Ujang in a kite fighting competition.

BINTULU: ‘Gudi’ (kite), a traditional game played by the local people, ought to be preserved and promoted not only locally but internationally.

Assistant Minister of Public Health and Utilities Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom, who officiated at the Gudi Festival at the Bintulu Old Airport site yesterday, said he believed the game could be improved upon.

“I believe the game can be improved and developed statewide so that everyone can enjoy playing the gudi (kite), while at the same
time attract tourists who might want to learn more about the traditional game,” he said.

The gudi, he noted, used to be played by the villagers and even now it remained one of their preferred games.

“We must preserve the old nostalgia of the game, its image and originality. Even with simple kite flying, it can still attract people to get together,” said Dr Rundi, who is also Kemena assemblyman.

The response to the gudi festival this year, organised by the Bintulu Kite Flyers, was overwhelming, and thus he hoped that it could be organised in other parts of the state as well.

The festival is a preliminary event to the 7th Borneo International Kite Festival to be held from Sept 22 to 25.

Also present at the function were Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) deputy chairman Dato Seri Celestine Ujang Jilan and BDA general manager Datu Mohidin Ishak.


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