Start strategising to retake Kidurong

BINTULU: SUPP members here have been advised to think long term and start planning to retake Kidurong from the iron grip of the DAP in the next state election.

Assistant Minister of Rural Development Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, who made the call, said all was not lost in Kidurong because the party still had many loyal and confident members.

The party could also always count on BN component parties to give a helping hand.

“Losing in Kidurong (in past state elections) doesn’t mean SUPP is sunk. Take it as a motivation and a challenge. Continue to provide excellent services to the community to win back their trust,” he said at a pre-Gawai Dayak dinner-cum-Iban Karaoke singing competition at Highlands Seafood Restaurant on Friday.

Harden said everyone must chip in to iron out the party’s weaknesses and strengthen its strengths in order to bring back the glory days of the state’s oldest political party.

“Most importantly, all SUPP members must work together and be determined to go all out to help restore the image and strength of the party.”

On a related matter, Harden urged the Dayak community here to continue supporting the BN in order to enjoy sustainable development.

Among those present were SUPP Bintulu branch chairman Henry Ling, political secretary to the chief minister Susan Lee, Pemanca Barry Yek and Kapitan Francis Toh.


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