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Pengambilan Pelajar Terminal Sejahtera (Bintulu) Tahun 2013

BINTULU: Terminal Sejahtera ialah pusat pembelajaran percuma yang dilaksanakan oleh Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan Dan Kesejahteraan Bandar (KWPKB) untuk anak-anak dan keluarga berpendapatan rendah.

Terminal Sejahtera mempunyai makmal komputer yang membolehkan para pelajar mendapat tuisyen secara atas talian (online-tutition) di luar waktu sekolah.

Permohonan kini dibuka kepada pelajar-pelajar yang layak dan berminat untuk mengikuti program-program yang akan dijalankan di Terminal Sejahtera.

Pelajar yang terpilih akan berpeluang untuk mengikuti program-program pendidikan disamping mendapat akses percuma sistem ulangkaji online ‘Score A’ serta kemudahan-kemudahan pembelajaran di Terminal Sejahtera.


Syarat-syarat kelayakan permohonan pelajar Terminal Sejahtera.

1. Warganegara Malaysia menetap dalam kawasan bahagian Bintulu

2. Keluarga berpendapatan isi rumah di bawah RM2,300 sebulan

3. Hanya terbuka kepada pelajar yang akan menduduki peperiksaan UPSR, PMR dan SPM bagi tahun 2013 (Darjah 6, Tingkatan 3 dan Tingkatan 5 bagi tahun 2013)

4. Keutamaan kepada pelajar yang tidak mempunyai komitmen lain selepas waktu sekolah dan menetap berdekatan dengan Terminal Sejahtera.

5. Pelajar yang menetap di asrama tidak digalakkan memohon


Para pelajar yang berminat dikehendaki datang ke pejabat Lembaga Kemajuan Bintulu atau datang terus ke Terminal Sejahtera BDA untuk mengambil Borang E-Tuisyen dengan membawa dokumen-dokumen seperti berikut:

  1. Salinan kad pengenalan/ surat beranak ibu-bapa, anak-anak
  2. Slip gaji/ pengesahan pendapatan terkini ibu-bapa dan ahli isu rumah yang bekerja
  3. Kad JKM, surat kematian, surat doctor atau dokumen-dokumen lain yang berkaitan.


E-Tuisyen bagi tahun 2013 bermula seawal 15 November 2012 sehingga tamat peperiksaan atau selewat-lewatnya pada 15 November 2013.

Terminal Sejahtera, Lembaga Kemajuan Bintulu, Tingkat 1, No.163 &164 Lot 7785 &7786, Assyakirin Commerce Square, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 97000 Bintulu.

Tel: 086-331051

Lembaga Kemajuan Bintulu, Seksyen Kemiskinan, Np.1, Wisma Bintulu, Jalan Tanjung Kidurong, 97000 Bintulu.

Tel: 086-332011

Masa Operasi:

Isnin-Khamis – 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm

Jumaat – 9am-11.30pm, 2.15pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm

Sabtu-Ahad – 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm


KIBB launches fourth branch at Bintulu

FOURTH BRANCH: Curtis (fifth right) and Kevin How (fifth left) cutting the ribbons to officially mark the symbolic opening of its fourth branch in the state as other guests look on.

BINTULU: Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd (KIBB), a subsidiary of K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd (Kenanga), officially launched its fourth branch at Parkcity Commerce Square in Bintulu yesterday.

According to Kenanga director, Datuk Richard Alexander John Curtis, the opening of its new branch was a big milestone for the group towards its commitment to Sarawak and the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) project.

“This also shows our commitment in supporting your economic growth, your companies and your personal welfare,” he said when officiating the opening ceremony.

“We want Kenanga to be in the forefront helping everybody, supporting your economic growth and business activities, placing our clients’ investment needs to the fore, playing our role supporting the state economic development,” Curtis added.

He said in order for them to give a better service in the area, he called on the locals to work closely with Kenanga should they face any shortcomings so that they can do their jobs better in offering quality service.

“Your businesses here are going to have big growth so please come on down and talk to us to see if we can help you in terms of listing and open exercises or aiding finance issues by our investment banking team,” he said.

This new branch was in addition to other three branches in Kuching, Miri and Sibu.

“The opening of this new branch is in line with the company’s priority of placing our clients’ investment needs at the fore front.

“The locals in Bintulu now do not need to travel far to have access to professional advice and assistance. With this new branch, KIBB is able to serve our clients efficiently and effectively in a shorter time frame,” assured Curtis.

He further added that KIBB was sustaining the momentum, with the opening of its Batu Pahat branch early this year, to expand its business footprint, increase its brand presence and ultimately grow its market share in the stock broking industry.

“We also strengthen our self by acquiring ECM Investment Bank, so we are now the largest independent investment bank, we have more resources to serve you better,” he said.

“This launch is a cohesive effort by all the staff involved. Taking this opportunity, I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed immensely towards the successful launch of the Bintulu branch,” he said.

Curtis said the Bintulu branch started its operations on Aug 8, 2012, with six staff (four in operations and two in dealing) offering a comprehensive range of stock broking services including online trading of stocks at Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd, selected foreign stock markets and share margin financing amongst others.

The new branch is located at Ground Floor of Survey Lot No.4203, Parkcity Commerce Square, Phase 6, Jalan Diwarta and opens from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Mondays to Fridays except public holidays.

Also present were director of K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd Kevin How Kow, its Equity Broking senior director Lee Kok Khee, Senator Datuk Pau Chiong Ung, Harbour-Link Group group managing director Francis Yung Piaw Soon, its Sarawak Equity Broking head Wong King Kuoh, Temenggong Barry Yek Siew Hui, Pemanca Dr Francis Toh Chiew Peng, Sarawak Registered United Chinese Association chairman Dr Wong Aik Loung and Sarawak Chinese Chamber Commerce chairman Datuk Sia Hiong Ngee.




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