Speed up work on cable installation, please

SOURCE OF WATER: Residents store rainwater in water tanks.

BINTULU: Residents of Rumah Chendang Anggau in Tatau urge the contractor to expedite the installation of electricity cables to their longhouse.

According to longhouse chief Chendang Anggau, 52, after the government allocated special funds for electricity supply, they waited a long time for the connection to their longhouse.

The installation of electric poles some time early this year had yet to be completed.

“It’s stressful waiting for the electricity,” he said.

The 19-door longhouse built 20 years ago has 126 residents mostly working as farmers with some in nearby oil palm plantations.

“It’s been such a long wait and this delay has caused tension among my people.

“Initially they promised to complete the installation before Gawai but we’re still waiting until now,” he said when met on Tuesday.

The wiring in the longhouse is incomplete without being connected to the main cable.

“We are hoping the contractor and relevant agencies look into this matter seriously since we are still behind in facilities,” said Chendang.

According to him, the residents are also waiting for water from the main pipeline which is being constructed.

Nevertheless he thanked the government for providing the facilities.

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