A wrong is a wrong — Minister

BINTULU: Nobody will be spared from the long arm of the law irrespective of whether a crime is committed online or in the real world, said Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Dato Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim.

He stressed that a wrong is a wrong whether it was committed in cyberspace or otherwise.

“As what is happening now in the United States, a film that belittles and insults Prophet Muhammad … this should not be taken lightly because it broke humanitarian laws,” he said when asked to comment on the film `Innocence of Muslims’ by Sam Becile which has sparked anger among Muslims the world over.

Speaking to reporters after closing an ICT literacy workshop for community leaders at Kampung Penan Muslim at Mile 10 Bintulu-Miri road here yesterday, Rais said the film represented an “unacceptable act even for our non-Muslim brothers.”

“Perhaps, it is now happening to the Muslim community, maybe tomorrow it will be the Christian, Hindu or Buddhist communities next. Therefore, we cannot compromise on this matter.”

Rais said Indonesia and countries in the Middle East had blocked the distribution of the film.

“I have asked the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to negotiate directly with other authorities to block access to the content either through YouTube or other channels.”

Rais cautioned that if no firm action was taken against it such religious abuse could spiral into other domains, such as social circles, in the future.

On the demeaning and degrading comments on Sarawak uttered by forum panellist Md Yusri Hidrus on ‘Bicara Kampus’ which was aired over TV1 recently, Rais said the issue was still under investigation.

“We have the laws and it can be used when an act goes against it. We are not afraid of facing these parties.”

PBB Youth vice-chief Pandi Suhaili has been reported as saying that he would lodge a police report against Yusri if he did not apologise to Sarawakians.

Md Yusri, an undergraduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), had reportedly uttered comments such as “Sarawak is developed because there is McDonald outlets in Kuching” and “Don’t blame peninsula people for seizing job opportunities because Sabah and Sarawak people prefer to be farmers and fishermen”.





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