‘Bintulu a good choice’

BINTULU: The selection of Bintulu as the location for the national level Malaysia Day celebration is described as timely and in line with the government’s effort to promote the 1Malaysia concept.

Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Talib Zulpilip who pointed this out in an interview with The Borneo Post yesterday said the Malaysia Day celebration in Bintulu should be seen by the locals as a celebration of success for the division and its people.

Hailing from Bintulu himself, the Jepak assemblyman and Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) chairman pointed out that the selection of Bintulu for a large scale national level celebration is a statement of success for the city which had
grown from a small fishing village to a bustling industrial town.

“I recalled back in the 1960s, the population of Bintulu is at a mere 5,000 but statistics in 2010 had shown the population to be at 209,000, which is a strong increase rate,” said Talib.

He elaborated that natural resources such as natural gas, petroleum and the logging sector had lured people to come here to look for jobs, increasing the population, economic possibilities and job opportunities.

“The success which I stressed is how the government and authorities had come by implementing the right policy, laws and strategies which had seen investors coming and helping to build this place to we see today,” he added.

Describing the people of Bintulu’s acceptance to embrace development and changes as another factor of its success, Talib said it
had provided the newer generation with high paid jobs in the technical field, in the executive level and in the civil service.

“Bintulu is a model of a 1Malaysia developed town as we have all the local ethnic groups and those from West Malaysia working here. Everyone plays their bit in the development,” he elaborated.

Asked on Bintulu’s potential, he described the development had been on the take off point and believed the position would spur more economic growth.

“Industries from the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) especially from Samalaju Industrial Zone will pave the way for more opportunities and help to turn Sarawak into a high income state,” he said.

“The success of what we can see of Bintulu today is a success of all Malaysians and it does reflect the 1Malaysia concept,” he concluded. -TSP





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