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Shahrin retain BMC crown


BINTULU: Defending champion Shahrin Amir of SBS Giant Malaysia emerged the winner in the men’s open category (35km/10 laps) of Borneo Mountain Bike Challenge (BMC) 2012 which was held at Taman Tumbina Bintulu yesterday.

Second and third places went to former champion Muhd Raihan Abd Aziz from Brunei Darussalam and Jamri Johari of Endurance Team respectively.

Meanwhile Laurel Laurisen Adrian of Corbusier and Addy Ammin Syahriman from Bintulu came in fourth and fifth places respectively.

In the women’s open category (10.5km/3 laps), national cyclist Junaidah Juss from MSN Arus Polygon was crowned as the champion beating her teammates Rosnina Minggu and Caroline George also from MSN Arus Polygon who grabbed the second and third places respectively.

In the junior (20 years-old and below) category (24.5km/ 7 laps), Sukma gold medallist Addy Ammin Syahriman emerged the champion.

In the Men’s master (35 years-old and above), the first place went to Supian Nor (Corbusier) while second and third places went to Nor Effandy Rosli (Cycle Tech) and Chai Kong Yong (3GX) respectively.

Bintulu closed category was won by Sulvester Ding (3GX). Second and third places went to Mohd Hamka Alimin (TRC) and Abu Bakar Medin (TCC Bintulu) respectively.

The tournament was organised by Malaysian National Cycling Federation in collaboration with Bintulu Resident’s Office and Bintulu Development Authority.

Officiating at the closing and prize giving ceremony was Senator Datuk Pau Chiong Ung. Also present was Bintulu Development Authority general manager Datu Mohidin Ishak.



Concern over rampant cases of lorry theft

BINTULU: More than 10 lorries had been reported stolen here this month which have yet to be recovered by their owners.

The chairman of Bintulu Lorry Operators’ Association Robert Chiew yesterday expressed his concern over the cases which was the worst ever in just a month.

“I believe there are many lorry operators and owners out there who experience the same problem as our association’s members. We incurred great losses due to this issue and yet there is still no light at the end of the tunnel,” he said after a meeting with its members, who were the victims, yesterday.

Chiew urged the police to beef up their investigation efforts on the cases as more lorries were being stolen each day even from the owners’ workshops.

“Less resources on the police side to speed up investigation on these cases is no excuse, and if possible, bring in a team from Bukit Aman to work together in solving the cases, which we think are quite serious lately,” he added.

He said if this problem continued, the operators would be scared and feel insecure.We believe this syndicate is the mastermind of a group of professionals who know what they are doing.

“They don’t need a key to start the engine, and they even know how to locate and remove the Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in the units. These are professionals probably mechanics,” Chiew said, adding that there must be somebody behind all the cases which usually targeted the Nissan prime mover model.

Each unit, he said, costs around RM170,000.

The lorries were stolen from the compound of the owners’ workshop around 1am.

There was only one case where a lorry was stolen earlier but recovered last Friday. This was due to the owner’s prompt action and not due to its GPS system, as it had been removed and disconnected at the Kemena River.

Suspecting that the lorry may be heading towards Sibu, the owner made a few calls to his friends to block suspicious looking vehicles and keeping an eye on any vehicle from Bintulu.

It was later found parked near Selangau in Sibu not far from Stapang area where one of the suspects was caught by the police.

“So even if we install a GPS system, these people know what they are doing. In this case, the GPS were removed around 3.20am at Kemena River. If we are late to trace its position, there will be little chance to get the vehicle back, unless we immediately instructed for roadblocks,” said Chiew.

He added many aspects needed to be enhanced to further strengthen the security measures and hoped the police will look into the cases seriously.

Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing and Senator Datuk Pau Chiong Ung had been informed of the incidents and he hoped to get everyone’s cooperation to put an end to the problem.

In another related issue, Chiew said they encountered almost the same problem every day when the batteries of their vehicles and even the spare tyres were stolen by thieves. It usually happened during weekends within the vicinity of their workshops.

Firefighting volunteers association set up in Kampung Kemunting

BINTULU: The establishment of Kampung Kemunting Bomba Volunteers Association will work closely with the Bintulu Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) in emergency cases of fire in the village and nearby areas, said its president Hii Doh Chong.

He said the registration of the association was  approved by the Registrar of  Societies (ROS) on Nov 23, and it has started operating with 30 volunteers.

The number, he said, is expected to increase steadily, depending on the response from the local community.

“The association will enable us to directly assist the Bomba during emergency cases in our village and probably in other nearby areas as well,” he said.

The 30 people who applied to join the association would be given intensive training by the Fire and Rescue Department on water pumps, fire extinguishers, and the proper fire fighting procedure, he added.

Hii said the association was under the  supervision of Bintulu member of parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing while the advisor is Mohamad Hamdani Madon from Bintulu Fire and Rescue Services Department.

He pointed out that although the association is still new it has received encouraging response from the local community, particularly among the young people.

“At least, through this association, the members will get to know the basic knowledge and methods in controlling fire; the skills they will have learned will be vital in order to minimise the damage,” he said.

Currently, he said, all members will be given three sessions of intensive training with 10 members per session.

The association does not only emphasise on skills among its members but also provide guidance for the public on emergency and fire fighting skills.