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System for grads to meet market’s demand

Bintulu Resident Muhamad Yakup Kari

BINTULU: All graduates here will be registered under one system to ensure their qualifications meet the demands and needs of future job market.

Bintulu Resident Muhamad Yakup Kari said this was important to ensure utilisation of their capability in the job market.

“We will collect the names and see investors to ensure qualifications, task and employment fit the job market. Everyone (graduates) will be registered in our system,” he assured at the 7th graduation of Sedamai College Bintulu at ParkCity Everly Hotel last Sunday night.

A total of 42 students received their scrolls.

Among those present were Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) acting assistant general manager Pulusagi Tran and Sedamai College chairman Billy Wong.

“Samalaju and all big corporations are still under construction and the timing in the job market may not be right, especially for young graduates.

“In a year’s time however we will trail you and should you need our help, just come to see us at the Resident’s Office,” Yakup told the students.

He urged the students not to stop learning as education was a life-long process and the door to opportunities remain wide open.

He said the job market wanted the best graduates who had a heart, mind and energy for the community.

“If you are educated you must be able to visualise and see. Only with education can you see. Seeing is not only with the eyes but the heart,” said Yakup who shared his studying experience.

He said students were not just products of education but of their parents who stood behind them to give moral support and prayers.

Yakup congratulated the management and staff of Sedamai College for their commitment to the success of their students.

“From the college standpoint, they should continue to assist graduates until they get jobs. For example providing counselling as an extension of the college, which is good aftersales service as students still need guidance,” he added.

Meanwhile Pulusagi Tran shared the vision of BDA as a local authority to transform Bintulu into a friendly industrial city by 2020.

“Having said that, we are committed to manage the advancement of Bintulu in partnership with its people into a friendly and sustainable city through the provision of quality physical, social and economic development services,” he said.

A major initiative in place to develop Sarawak into a developed state by year 2020 is Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

“The development in Samalaju Industrial Park is progressing fast. More foreign direct investment and industries are expected to start soon.

“The spin-off effects would create job opportunities and boost income for the state. The demand for workforce will continue to rise in the next five to 15 years to benefit Bintulu community as a whole,” said Pulusagi.

Wong told the graduates: “All the hard work you have gone through makes you learned, trained, experienced and smarter. Be prepared for the challenges of a high income nation in 2020. Adopt lifelong learning. Don’t stop or you could be left behind.”

Sedamai College established in Bintulu on Nov 1, 1999 will be celebrating its 13th anniversary this coming November.

The Dean’s Award went to Jaleha Bol who graduated with a Diploma in Business Management.

The best student for Diploma in Administration was Sharon Sim Hui Cheng; Diploma in Business Administration (Mary Miku); Diploma in Marketing (Fateah Nazierah Rahmalam) and Diploma in Accounting (Sii Peck Sieng).





Hard work, preparation way to success

FOR YOU: Talib (third right) presents a certificate of participation to a student.

BINTULU: ‘No sweat no success’, Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Talib Zulpilip told students.

“There is no short-cut to success and continuous efforts are needed for those who dream of becoming successful,” said the Jepak assemblyman when officiating at the closing of a motivation seminar cum solat hajat to prepare students for the coming examinations.

A total of 150 students from three secondary schools — SMK Baru, SMK Bintulu and SM Teknik — took part in the one-day event held at Masjid At-Taqwa in RPR Sebiew yesterday.

The motivation seminar was conducted by Professor Dr Mohamad Abd Majid from University of Brunei, while the solat hajat sessions by Ustaz Mohd Sufian Hassim and Ustaz Samsujunaidi Mat Deris.

Talib stressed on the important of preparedness especially before facing exams.

“There is nothing that can be done properly without enough preparation,” he said, adding that attitude to success was just as important.

Organising chairman Arshad Abang Anuar said this was an effort of RPR Village Security and Development Committee, Pejasa Bintulu branch and Masjid At-Taqwa to tell students nothing comes easy as most things need sacrifices and preparation.

“At the same time, we want to guide our young children to adhere to Islamic teaching, especially in practising ‘solat hajat’ in their daily lives,” he said.

The event aims to boost the confidence of students and tell them they were not alone as the community was ever ready to assist and support them, especially in education.

Also present were advisor Datuk Zenorai Rambli, deputy chairman Abang Norulhadi Abg Zainudin, deputy chairman 2 Abdul Kadir Rambli and secretary Jainudin Ab Rahman.




Sarawak to get 421 more wireless villages — Rais

BINTULU:  The ‘1Malaysia ICT Centre’ brand will be further promoted in line with the 1Malaysia aim of providing better infrastructural facilities for the rural populace.

Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim said the target for Sarawak was 701 Wireless Villages (KTW), and thus far some 280 KTW had been built. In Sabah, 294 KTW had been built, and a further 341 KTW still under construction. They are scheduled to be completed by year-end or in Jan 2013.

“At the national level we have built 2,325 KTW, with 2,072 projects still under construction,” Rais said at the closing of an ICT literacy workshop and the opening of a 1Malaysia ICT Centre at Kampung Penan Muslim in Mile 10 Bintulu-Miri Road here yesterday. He said a holistic approach was being undertaken by the government to cover every area so there would be no “development dropout”, especially in rural areas, under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Rais hoped the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) would play a significant role in reaching out to the rural people and the urban poor.

Earlier, Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing called on Telekom Malaysia to expand their reach in remote areas of the state.

Tiong also asked for more 1Malaysia netbooks to be distributed to the people here. So far, a total of 9,200 units of netbooks had been distributed in Bintulu.

“Before we can give more netbooks, first we must ensure that the facility is there. More KTW must be built in Bintulu,” said Rais, adding that there were 31 KTW in Bintulu thus far.

He said at the national level, more than one million 1Malaysia netbooks had been allocated, and an additional 500,000 would be provided soon due to high demand.

“Some 700,000 have been distributed, including 176,000 in Sarawak and 167,000 in Sabah,” said Rais.

Also present at the function were Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Culture Datuk Joseph Salang, Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Electricity and Communications) Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom and Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Talib Zulpilip.