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State exponents bag nine medals at nationals

GOOD SHOWING: Goh (right) with his exponents after the medal presentation.

GOOD SHOWING: Goh (right) with his exponents after the medal presentation.

BINTULU: The state taekwondo team won two gold, three silver and four bronze medals in the recent

Malysian National Championship in Kuala Lumpur.

Both gold medals came from Voon Jun Long of SMK Bintulu in the male individual pattern and individual lightweight free sparring.

In the girls’s section, Voon Shau Chen, also from SMK Bintulu, won two silver medals in the individual pattern and lightweight free sparring.

The third silver medal was won by Sheila Ngali from the same school in the junior individual pattern.

Sheila also contributed the bronze medal in the junior lightweight individual free sparring.

SMK Bintulu’s Khosea Rining and Voon Shau Yin and Eugene Ding Avit from SMK Kidurong won three bronze medals in the male heavyweight individual free sparring, the individual female open lightweight free sparring and the individual male open lightweight free sparring respectively.

Team coach Goh Nae Kwang said about 430 exponents, including those from Hong Kong and Macau took part.

“With a haul of two gold, three silvers and four bronze medals, our team has achieved its target, which is much better than last year’s tally of one gold, two silver and one bronze.

“We have improved an the team’s performance is satisfactory,” Goh said, adding that they had to work harder to do better in the next championship.

Ten exponents from Bintulu Borneo Taekwondo Centre were selected by Sarawak Global Taekwondo Association (ITF) and ITF Sarawak to represent the state in the championship.

Goh hoped his exponents would be selected for the national team to the World Taekwondo Championship and World Taekwondo (ITF_WTF) Festival in Seoul next year.